Korea-based-Kiwi-via-London Electronica – Original music from Stephen Hay

New Single! Weeee!

First new track for quite some time… check it out above.

The last year has been quite a journey – leaving London and my life there (and band) behind, finding temp work in New Zealand for a few months, and now teaching English to primary school students in South Korea. It’s actually super fun, who knew? 진짜 재미있어요! In a way, having a full-time job has freed me up to pursue my own desires when it comes to music, without the pressure to make something financially successful, or even popular. It’s a hobby, for now, and I’m ok with that.

As I’ve mentioned, my music is going a lot more electronic these days. I’ve been really enchanted by artists such as James Blake, Flying Lotus, Holden, Seekae, Little Dragon… too many to name, but all the new sounds going in my ears are being chewed up, and spat back out in my own work. Not by my ears though, that’s gross! It’s pushing me as a producer since it’s not really my comfort zone. I gotta find ways to make it sound awesome without just recording a hundred layers of guitars. Also since I don’t have the resources I did in London, I’m now producing and mixing everything myself. Gotta learn somehow, right?

I considered waiting until I’d finished four or five tracks to release an EP or album of some kind, but honestly – it’s taken me so long to finish one track in my spare time, I’d rather just put it out while I’m still happy with it.  It also frees me up to keep exploring sounds, so don’t be too surprised if my next song sounds different again. I’ll think about EP’s and albums when I’m doing it full-time again, hopefully in the not-too-distant future. I wouldn’t mind doing some kinda music video though… if you know any artsy and creative film directors based in Seoul, let me know.

You can stream the track from soundcloud above, or for the proper-quality version, just go ahead and download it – it’s free! I recommend some decent headphones or speakers, or you could miss out the fun stuff happening down low. Please share it if you like it!

So that’s it from me, until I get my A-into-G and crank out another tune. Back to the drawing board.

Merry Christmas!

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